Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm Back!

Yup, after an absence of 4 months I am back on blogger, and you have found my new blog.

I've been doing a lot of soul-searching in the time I have been away, and I have come to the conclusion that I will focus more on what REALLY matters to me - God's awesome grace and His incredibly wise method to use us to save ourselves.

To be honest, it was also getting depressing talking about my Olympic/International and Sprint distance triathlon training/races amidst the incredible Ironman/Ironwomen/Marathoners here in blogger. :-) You just have to trust me when I say that I am still training and racing when I can (here's picture proof) - albeit Olympic and Sprint distances only.

For my old buddies, welcome back and sorry it took me so long to find myself in blogsphere. For the newcomers (and I am praying there will be some new readers) :-), do stick around and please be patient with my bungling attempts to record His incredible wisdom and miraculous grace in my life.


Cliff Tam said...


Ironman is just a title...the race is created by 3 guys sitting in a bar. It doesn't mean that much compare to the salvation and the grace from Christ :o)

Most ppl will not even contemplate the distance of an Olympics tri. Even I never done a Olmpyic tri before :P. Glad to see you back.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

glad to see you back.

what's wrong with sprint and olympic? That's my distance too. :)

Kewl Nitrox said...

Hey Cliff/Lisa, thanks for popping by so quickly! :-)

You are right, O.D.s and Sprints can be tough too (even at my slow pace). We just do what we can and thank Him for the ability to train and race right?

God Bless!

Robin said...


What timing, yes! Thanks for your b-day wish. If you are attempting to live a healthy lifestyle, it is interesting. Sprints & Olys are also worthy of sharing your challenges and successes. They are no less important than an IM.

I am glad you are back with us -- whatever topic you are blogging about. Obviously, you have chosen a topic very close to your heart, so that is great.

Welcome back, Kewl! I look forward to reading your posts!!!!!

Happy Holidays.

CP said...

It's so great to have you back and refreshed it sounds! I missed ya! I'll change my rss feed so I can keep up with your happenings!

Alan said...

I was doing a little bookmark editing today and was pleasantly surprised to find the new site.

Glad to see you back, and hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

J~mom said...

Hello! Glad to see the new blog! I am hoping to do my first Oly this year so hopefully you can give me some help on that training! :>)